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Shengda Machinery co.,ltd.

Manufacturer from China, Fujian

  • STPR1473099Gang saw for marble TYPE SKJ-80
    Gang saw for marble TYPE SKJ-80Sawing and Cutting Machinery
  • STPR1468525Gang saw for marble TYPE SKJ-145
    Gang saw for marble TYPE SKJ-145Sawing and Cutting Machinery
  • STPR1466500Polishing machine for tile TYPE XMJ1250-16C
    Polishing machine for tile TYPE XMJ1250-16COthers
  • STPR1458704Polishing machine for slab(Fastness) TYPE ZDMJ-20C
    Polishing machine for slab(Fastness) TYPE ZDMJ-20CPolishing and Surface Finishing Machinery
  • STPR1444877Profile shaping machine TYPE XPJ-1200
    Profile shaping machine TYPE XPJ-1200Others
  • STPR1444822Restoring line TYPE  HGBJ-2000
    Restoring line TYPE HGBJ-2000Others
  • STPR1444769Bridge single head polisher TYPE DTMJ-3200
    Bridge single head polisher TYPE DTMJ-3200Others
  • STPR1444425Edge polisher TYPE MBJ-600
    Edge polisher TYPE MBJ-600Others
  • STPR1444244Flaming machine TYPEZDSB-2000
    Flaming machine TYPEZDSB-2000Polishing and Surface Finishing Machinery
  • STPR1444134Waxing machine TYPE DLJ-4
    Waxing machine TYPE DLJ-4Others